Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Second Post

I was looking for a job and I took more pictures again, the first one is of the big hills I took on my way home late in the day, I always feel small looking at them.
The second one is of a little cafe in the same area. I sat there for awhile since my day was over, so I just sat down and took one. Its very peaceful looking.
This last one is of a simple twilight (Not the books or movies) moment from the cafe.
The day was crap, no one can ever hired. I feel like with everything online, it seems like its next to impossible to get a job, and most of the time when you do, these places are only hiring woman. Being a guys sucks some times, but as it is I will learn to deal. The walks always make me feel normal; as I can feel to not care about most of the things that bug me, I walk by the park but could not take pictures as they did not come out very well, and that is on my list to take pictures of. Me and Sam are going to Anime Expo 2010 this Saturday, I am going to mostly take pictures as that is really only thing I care about.

Take Care and Be Safe

Dollow Rlance
Mood: Tired
Music: Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai, "Oración"
Phrase of the day: Stand firm on the path, keep an open mind, and keep your hope strong within your heart.

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Update June, 30, 2010

I was talking with my friends, and we were talking so much crap; that we end up talking about Pepsi turning into back Coke and Sprite becoming Hi C, I don't know how that happen but it was so funny!

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