Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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 This is a park that I like to be at, its a nice simple park that when its sunset, the mood of the park becomes very calming. I was thinking about my book, and as I was reading the Fourth Harry Potter book, I also found myself watching the sports that was going on there, form tennis to baseball; I found it amusing to watch, for the simple fact that people were working out and I wondered what their lives are about. I went to one Jack-In-The-Box but I found out they are not looking for anyone... damn. I was watching a movie called "Cool World" by Ralph Bakshi when I got home and as watched it, after years of not seeing, I wondered what the heck the movie was, the movie was very weird story wise. The art of the animated characters, in particular Holli Would, reminded me of Bruce Timm's art style as his art is inspired by noir and the 50's pinup girls, so it made me like it a lot as I am a huge fan of that style, the movie also reminded me of how cute Kim Basinger was for 'a number of reasons' (Hehe), overall it was a okay if you are into film noir, animation, and Kim Basinger.

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