Sunday, September 19, 2010

My September

Its been a while, my birthday came and went, and I got really sick; as I was going to go for a hike that day I got worse and came back after I got trap and could not advance anymore, when I got home I was done. I would have to say it was the worse birthday ever, I wasn't going to do much; but as I couldn't do what I wanted, and I could not eat pizza, I feel bad all day.

The plus is that I finally got Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and the game is awesome, as I have said this before, its a series that shouldn't exist, because of the right in it.  I am playing Terra right now and so far its good, I have some problems with the controls as holding the PSP hurts my hands, but still very good and worth the wait.

I am going make another post something that has pissed me off.

Edit: Forget that post, I still love that person and I am not going rip on them. Even if I do hate her.

Mood: Angry and bitter
Music: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Mysterious Figure
Phrase of the day: Everyone is a hypocrite, women too.

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